Saying Goodbye to Winter

The end of the cold weather season is always one of celebration. Whether or not you do a full on spring cleaning or not, it always amazes me how open and beautiful my home looks after I clear out the winter clutter. Out go the giant puffy coats that protected us from -30 degree winter days,…

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Spring is in the air with Jessica

Spring is in the air, which means gardening season is coming near. My gardening season always starts indoors, with the planting of seeds in peat pellets and in small pots. These pots and pellets are placed in almost every window sill I have (and also get covered so the cat doesn’t destroy the seedling once…

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Quotable Quotes by Marija

When I come across a quote that speaks to me I save it on my phone.  I sometimes take a quick look at them during times of stress, if I’m in need of a quick motivation blast, or just a reality check.  Below you will see a number of quotes that have spoken to me…

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A Complimentary Partnership

One of my co-workers came up with an idea for my blog post: why don’t you try writing about regulatory and Independent Review Boards (IRB) but write it in a fun and easy to understand way. This seemed like a reasonable challenge until I sat down to write this introduction, because how do you introduce…

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Just be nice.

This is my first blog. Ever.  I wanted to do a really good one, one that resonates with people, really connects to them.  That’s a lot of pressure!  I thought about going on a rant about customer service, nailing down how to use proper telephone etiquette or even on how to treat coworkers like customers. …

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Why I love My Job as a Research Nurse

Everything I did up until I became a research nurse prepared me for what was to come. The varying degree of emotions a nurse experiences on a daily basis is unrivaled by any other occupation. There are moments of happiness and moments of sorrow; moments of laughter and moments of fear. But through the tears…

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