SpringThaw-JamieMcCaffreyThe end of the cold weather season is always one of celebration. Whether or not you do a full on spring cleaning or not, it always amazes me how open and beautiful my home looks after I clear out the winter clutter. Out go the giant puffy coats that protected us from -30 degree winter days, the fifteen mittens that may have lost their partners, and the piles of winter boots. Clearing out my boots alone makes the front closet seem more spacious.

After the packing up, the sorting, and the donation box decisions, I can finally bring up that rubbermaid bin that holds all things needed for warm weather. Out comes the much loved sandals and flip-flops, bringing with them the reminder of needing to do something about those rough feet and naked toenails. Bright colours, summer hats, sunscreen (ah… the smell of coco butter!), raincoats, cute shoes… I am once again reminded of what sunshine feels like, what lazy afternoons in the backyard were like, and how I will soon need to go to the grocery store to stock up on bug spray.

Dare I put away my windshield scraper, the shovels, and not fear waking up to snow in the morning?