Spring is in the air, which means gardening season is coming near. My gardening season always starts indoors, with the planting of seeds in peat pellets and in small pots. These pots and pellets are placed in almost every window sill I have (and also get covered so the cat doesn’t destroy the seedling once they start to grow). Once May rolls around, I transplant all the seedlings into my outdoor garden bed and cover the bed with Plexiglas sheets (my own homemade greenhouse) to keep out the squirrels, chipmunks and birds from stealing my seedlings. The worst part of gardening comes next, the daily watering and weekly weeding to ensure the plants grow healthy. For me, I have 100 ft. of garden hose to reach from the house to the garden (a daily chore to roll out the hose to water the garden and then to roll it back up), but the end results are completely worth the daily watering and weekly weeding – fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, onions, lettuce and corn!  This year I am going to try watermelon, pumpkins and potatoes as well.