This is my first blog. Ever.  I wanted to do a really good one, one that resonates with people, really connects to them.  That’s a lot of pressure!  I thought about going on a rant about customer service, nailing down how to use proper telephone etiquette or even on how to treat coworkers like customers.  Then I realized the common denominator of all three topics.

Just be nice.

Sounds simple right?


Treat people how you would like to be treated.  My husband and I have two boys at home.  We raised them to be polite and use manners whenever possible.  We expect the “please’s” and “thank you’s”, the “after you’s” and of course the “God Bless you’s”.  I like to believe everyone has done this for their children.  Somehow though, we go through the day in our workplaces, in the mall, or at school and it gets missed.  Missed at an alarming rate.  I don’t know how many times I have complained about poor customer service that easily could have been rectified with polite conversation.  Not scripted, just real, polite conversation.  Being interested in what I had to say and trying to find an amicable solution.  Not necessarily me “winning”, just me feeling like I was treated nicely.

In todays’ age of electronics people speak to each other less and less, that makes it more important to speak to each other nicely.  I mean speak, not text.  The spoken word is more powerful and feeling charged than any written word.  Hearing the thank you is much more effective than a quick “tx” in a text and hearing a genuine I Love You is waaaaay better than a <3…(it took me a really long time to figure out that symbol!)

Now, I’m not an effective writer, as I am sure you can attest to at this point, but I would like to think that when I speak, I am understood.  It is not open to interpretation.  It is what it is.  I try to make sure that I leave a conversation with someone on a high note and that I have left the person feeling better than when I walked in.   I use politeness, and kindness and a bit of humour…’cause that’s how I roll.  Let’s all try a little exercise over the next few weeks, let’s use our manners, be polite and

Just. Be. Nice.

I betcha we’ll all have bigger smiles at the end of the day!