My work family

Today I attended a morning seminar at my bank given by a business lawyer. All 25 of us attendees left with our chins to our chests, feeling discouraged and questioning why we took the risk of starting businesses and hiring employees in the first place. Thank goodness my next stop was my office. I walked into my…

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The love of a family holds no bounds

I have always heard the expression family sticks together which to me always meant to be there for each other. I have to say today this expression means so much more than it used to.  I grew up with a mother, a father and a sister who is six years older than me.  Like any…

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Angela shares research on UV rays and sunscreen

Read more about Ohio State University Sunscreen Research With summer fast approaching, I thought I would share this article I found about sunscreen as some people are still unsure of its reliability. Also remember that even on a cloudy day those UV rays are still reaching your skin. Just like during the winter months we…

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What does a horse named Jim have to do with medical research?

Today I gave a lecture to a group of older adults about research. I wanted them to know the background behind the regulations we follow as well as understanding different kinds of research and the processes we adhere to keep them safe and protected. While preparing my notes I was reminded of a story that was one of many critical events…

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Why I love the Belmont Report

This is a beautifully written document that was issued on 30 September 1978 and published in the Federal Register on 18 April 1979. It is one of the leading works concerning ethics and health care research, emphasizing ethical principles and guidelines for research involving human subjects. Three core principles are identified: respect for persons, beneficence, and justice. Three primary…

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Get to know more about Janet Vaillancourt

Those of you who know Medicor have met Janet. For those who don’t know Medicor Janet is our resident nurse, blood taker, sample processor, vaccine giver and helper extraordinaire. Here is her interview: When did you start nursing? Janet: I started my nursing career in 1971 in the Rehab unit at the Civic Hospital in North…

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Hep B immunization important for people with diabetes

Dr. Rheault – author on published study At Medicor we do a lot of different types of research but its always exciting when our work gets published. Follow the link above to see the results of a vaccine study Dr. Rheault and his research team participated in!

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Looking back at the early days of Medicor by Lauri Miller

10 things you’ll remember if you were working at Medicor back in the day: A site file often consisted of one binder…ok maybe two. All Sponsors required wet ink original documents. The first person in the office put on a pot of coffee. A central IRB site submission form was 1 page long. IRB approval…

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Studies show that positive thinking can improve health

2015 was a challenging year for me. My husband, my dog and my Dad died all within eight months leaving me feeling lost and incredibly sad. Friends and family were amazed at my “courage”. I don’t know if this is the word that accurately describes how I managed to handle my grief and continue to…

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Saying Goodbye to Winter

The end of the cold weather season is always one of celebration. Whether or not you do a full on spring cleaning or not, it always amazes me how open and beautiful my home looks after I clear out the winter clutter. Out go the giant puffy coats that protected us from -30 degree winter days,…

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