Treatment of Alopecia Areata (B7981015)

According to Alopecia Areata Canada, alopecia is the loss or the absence of hair. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system, for unknown reasons, attacks the hair root and causes hair loss. There are many types of alopecia with alopecia areata being the most common type. This form of alopecia usually presents with round, smooth patches of various sizes of hair loss. The duration of alopecia areata varies – it may resolve spontaneously within weeks or be recurrent over a lifetime.

Medicor Research is currently participating in B7981015, a global Phase 2b/3 study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an investigational study drug in adults and adolescents (12 years and older) who have 50% or greater scalp hair loss. The study is placebo-controlled, meaning that some patients entering the study will not receive active study drug but will receive tablets with no active ingredients (a placebo). This is a dose-ranging study, investigating 5 different dosing regimens. It will be double-blinded, meaning that the sponsor, the study doctors, the staff, and the patients will not know whether a patient is on active study drug (or the dose) or placebo.

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Trial Information

Start DateApril 2019
End Date28 March 2021
Trial Duration2 Years
Number of Visits14
Lead CRCSuzanne Fleming

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