Single-use Testosterone in Healthy Participants (PK Study)

The purpose of this work is to investigate the dose-response curve for intranasal testosterone in healthy young men and women. A large body of evidence has investigated links between baseline levels of testosterone and individual differences in human dominance behaviour, including behaviours that are intended to obtain or maintain a high social rank or status (Boksem et al., 2013). With a single intranasal administration of 0.3 mg testosterone in women, and 11 mg testosterone in men, it is predicted that these low doses of testosterone will lead to a rapid, and short-term rise in serum testosterone concentrations within the high-normal physiological range.

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Trial Information

Start DateNovember 2020
End DateJanuary 2021
Trial Duration4 weeks
Number of Visits2 visits
Lead CRCAndrea Carruthers

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