Asthma in Adults and Children (AV003 – MANDALA)

According to Asthma Canada, the medical definition of asthma is simple, but the condition itself is quite complex. Doctors define asthma as a “chronic inflammatory disease of the airway” that causes the following symptoms:

– Shortness of breath
– Chest tightness
– Coughing
– Wheezing

Asthma has no set pattern, it’s symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe, vary from person to person, flare up from time to time and then not appear for long periods, and can vary from one episode to the next. The cause of asthma is not known, and currently there is no cure.

AV003, also know as the Mandala Study, is a Long-term, Randomized, Double-blind, Multicenter, Parallel-group, Phase III Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of PT027 Compared to PT007 Administered as Needed in Response to Symptoms in Symptomatic Adults and Children 4 Years of Age or Older With Asthma.

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Trial Information

Start DateDecember 2018
End DateFebruary 2021
Trial Duration24 months
Number of VisitsTBD
Lead CRCAdam Pawluch

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