Medicor's Culture - A Glimpse into the Life of a Medicorian

We start our days bright eyed and bushy tailed reporting to our home office on Lasalle Boulevard. From here, each coordinator will embark on their daily itinerary of tasks and patient visits. Each day is often different. We see patients and manage studies out of several clinics around the Sudbury area.

Our day starts off as any day should, with a caffeine kick. Coffee is the most important meal of the day. There will always be a hot pot of coffee in the morning, and even sometimes in the afternoon!

Some important things about our home office is that we like to keep it clean and simple! Our workstations are minimalistic and clutter free.  We do like to display each other’s achievements on our Medicor Vision Board. And if you have an appetite for something stimulating, tune in for “The Monthly Funny.”

Fridays are our casual dress down days and “My Thai Fridays” team lunch. During the summer we will switch to Patio Friday’s when the weather permits it.

Our seasonal Medicor Social’s have taken us to: escape rooms, poker nights, BBQs by the pool and a ton of local restaurants. Some community activities we enjoy participating in are: Night Life on the Rocks, Science Café and Body Worlds. We love our community and we love science!

By working with patients, doctors and support staff in Northern Ontario we have the privilege of helping patients locally to improve Healthcare Globally.

The next time you pick up a prescription just remember that Medicor and our local team of Physicians have patients that may have helped put it there!